I'm a design lead living and working in London.

Since 2016 I've been a designer at the UK Government Digital Service, making things better for users and teams on GOV.UK.

An illustration of me, Mia!

Case studies

Exploring GOV.UK as a system

Investigations into how we could holistically improve the GOV.UK system for both end-users and teams.

Improving user journeys

Working with the IA and machine learning to automatically deploy links across thousands of pages.

A simpler, clearer GOV.UK

Rationalising and improving the GOV.UK front-end, making it easier to work on and better to use.

Design notes

Design Council brand audit

Coming soon. Embedding accessibility and sustainability into the foundations of a brand.

Anatomy of a mega-menu

Coming soon. A deep dive into creating an accessible mega-menu.

Making an accessible accordion

Coming soon. How we made an accessible accordion component.